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Product Description
Every nail technician should possess the VersiTool. It is a very handy 3-in-1 instrument. The VersiTool exposes excess cuticle and eliminates the pterygium from the nail plate. It is designed to help eliminate lifting and peeling of artificial nails but can also be used during manicure and pedicure services. It cleans and prepares the nail bed without
scratching. The pinch function on the other side allows nailtechnicians to create the perfect c-curve. The VersiTool is made of stainless steel and is completely sanitizable.

Features and Benefits
• Double-ended
• 3-in-1 instrument
• Versatile use – can be used for manicures and pedicures and all artificial nail services
• Prevent lift off of nail enhancements
• Stainless steel
• With pinch function – for the perfect c-curve

Holding the easy grip handle, use the pusher end first to push back cuticles and release any adherence of the cuticle from the natural nail plate. This will now expose the pterygium. Pterygium is the forward growth of the cuticle on the natural nail that will interfere with adhesion of any applied product. Use the pointed end of the VersiTool to slide the pterygium off. Create the nail as usual and use the tweezer side to pinch the perfect c-curve.