Universal Bonder - 5ml
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Universal Bonder - 5ml

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Universal Air Bond is a low odor, acid free primer which dries in the air and can be used with all gel and acrylic systems. It promotes the adhesion to the natural nails. It does not burn the natural nails or cuticles, thus much more gentle on the natural nail than acid primers.


Dries in the air
Promotes adhesion to the natural nails
Works perfectly with all gel and acrylic systems
Acid FREE formula
Low odor
Prevents lifting
More gentle on natural nails
Easy brush on application
Prepare the nail as usual. After using NailPerfect Blue Scrub to dehydrate the nail plate. Apply a thin layer of NailPerfect Universal Air Bond to the natural nails. Allow it to dry in the air for approximately 30 seconds, it will remain slightly tacky. Cover with gel or acrylic application as instructed.
Do not apply the Universal Air Bond over artificial nail tips.