Starter Acrylic Kit
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Starter Acrylic Kit

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A fabulous way to get your hands on these brilliant products. T
3 x 7 g powders (clear, blush and mega white)
50 ml Liquid
NP Acid free primer
Dappen dish
NP Glue
Pro cuticle pusher
20 nail wipes
60ml blue scrub
acrylic brush
20 pieces Salon Perfection Tips, 20 French white tips

20 nail forms
2 x 150/150 file
2 x 100/180 file
2 x 220/280 sponge buffer

100/180 sponge buffer
2 x Miracle shine buffer 6000/4000
tip cutter
15 ml peachy cuticle oil
Pro Pusher cuticle pusher