Pink Pinching Clamps
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Pink Pinching Clamps

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The Pinch Clamp is to make an optimal C-Curve in a Artificial nail – The Pinch Clamp may be used to createTowell

a C-Curve on a gel nail created on a form as well as on natural nail overlays and tips.

Once you have applied your first layer of gel, cure for approximately 15 – 30 seconds in a UV light.

Remove nail from the UV light and place the clamp securely over the nail, from the middle of the natural nail

along the entire length of the extension. The clamp must be placed at exactly the same point on each side

of the nail to ensure equal pressure which will create a perfect C-Curve. Place the finger back into the UV light and complete the cure time.

Features & Benefits
- Easy to clean – UV Cleanser
- Transparent for optimal curing
- Light weight
- Easy to use

Pinching MUST NOT be a painful experience for the client. If done incorrectly it may damage the natural nail.