Northern Lights
Northern Lights
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Northern Lights

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NailPerfect LED/UV Gels. Exceptional holographic effects created by the angle of the light.

Great coverage - irresistible effect!

No wearing, no peeling or chipping! NailPerfect LED/UV Color Gels stay beautiful for over 2 weeks.

All colors have a high gloss shine and are perfect over natural nails, overlays and pedicures.

Available in 7 g:    
Magnetic Influence    
The Ultimate Energy    
Polar Night    
Marvel Of Nature    
Northern Lights    
Visit The North    
Hunting The Light    
Solar Wind    
Dance Of The Spirits    

Perfect for nail designs
- Perfect for both fingers and toes
- No odor
- Easy one-coat application

- Moderate viscosity light activated gel - same as clear gel
- Cures on demand in LED and UV light – no wait for polish to dry
- Use on natural nails, gels and acrylics
- Self-leveling, making application easy
- Easy to remove