No Cleanse Top Seal - Crystal Dust
No Cleanse Top Seal - Crystal Dust
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No Cleanse Top Seal - Crystal Dust

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Give your artificial nails that finishing touch! These sheer pinks and shimmer No-Cleanse Top Seals convert any sticky gel surface into a “no-wipe” surface and provide a mirror
glass finish with an exquisite sheer pink color or shimmer at the same time. Easy brush on application, eliminates buffing and saves you maintenance time. It can be used on
gels, acrylics and wraps.Nude Pink, Rose Pink & Bright Pink, sheer pink colors –
ideal for finishing with an enhanced sheer pink effect. Crystal Dust – ideal for a quick babyboom, for a dazzling effect.


  • Thin viscosity light activated gel
  • No cleansing required
  • Can be applied over acrylic, gel or wraps
  • Leaves a lasting mirror glass finish on nail surface
  • Shine will not dull or fade
  • Easy brush on application
  • Eliminates time consuming buffing
  • UV and LED curable - cure time: UV – 2-3 minutes, LED – 60 seconds
  • Hard gel - not suitable for direct application on natural nails

Once your artificial nails are finished, remove all dust with a clean gel sponge and then apply a thin coat of NailPerfect No-Cleanse Top Seal color of your choice and cure for 2-3 minutes (UV) or 60 seconds (LED). If applying over acrylic or wraps finish, file your nails first. There is no need to buff them.

Cure time: UV – 2-3 minutes, LED – 60 seconds