"NEW" Flawless Soak Off Gel
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"NEW" Flawless Soak Off Gel

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Creates a flawless foundation for the soak off gel
application. It fortifies the natural nail, while correcting the
imperfections, resulting in an even surface for a perfect
gel polish application.

Soaks off easily with the NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Remover.
Flawless base for gel polish applications Fortifies natural nail
Corrects imperfections in natural nail. Easy brush-on application. Low heat

Use Flawless Soak Off Gel over NailPerfect Soak Off Base Gel.
For surface irregularities, apply a thin layer to even out the surface. Apply another thin layer if needed. Cure each layer. Then, apply a Soak Off Gel Polish color of your choice.
For fortifying and shaping, apply a thin layer to the entire nail surface. Add an additional bead to the middle of the nail to create additional strength and for subtle shaping of the natural nail, by gently guiding it into place using the application brush. Cure. Cleanse or apply a Soak Off Gel Polish color of your choice.
Cure time: LED: 30-60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes