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"NEW" Cover Pink LED gel - 14g
Nail Perfect Australia

"NEW" Cover Pink LED gel - 14g


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Create strong, natural looking nails in a faster way with the NailPerfect LED/UV Sculpting Gels. Like the traditional Sculpting Gels these LED/UV Sculpting Gels wear naturally and are ideal for tip overlays and sculpting, but cures faster in LED light. This LED/UV formula has slow and even self-levelling properties, which gives you total control and workability. They are odor-free and have a permanent high gloss shine.
The different viscosities in Crystal I and Crystal II are specifically developed to give you total control over your application during the seasons. Use Crystal I, with its medium viscosity, during the colder months. Use Crystal II, with its thicker viscosity, in the warmer months.

Cover Pink - perfect for nail bed extensions, camouflages damaged nail plates.
Light activated LED/UV Gel Fast curing Low heat Wears naturally Slow and even self-leveling Easy application Extraordinary strength No cracks or fractures No odor High shine finish Multiple viscosities
Suitable for tip overlays and sculpting on forms Suitable as base for Soak Off Gel Polish, Color
Gels and Nail Polish Cure time: LED: 30-60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes
Consult the step by step instructions for further usage information. Suitable for tip overlays and sculpting on
Cure time: LED: 30-60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes

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