"NEW" Bonding Gel with Keratin
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"NEW" Bonding Gel with Keratin

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NailPerfect LED/UV Bonding Gel with Keratin promotes the adhesion of LED/UV Sculpting Gels to the natural nail without damaging it.

The hydrolysed Keratin in this product crosslinks with the natural Keratin in the nail, resulting in not only a better adhesion but also stronger nails. It prevents lifting, thus a perfect base for a perfect gel application.

LED/UV light activated gel Promotes adhesion of LED/UV gels to the
natural nail Prevents lifting of LED/UV gels Non-acid formula Milky color Contains hydrolysed Keratin Works as nail strengthener Suitable as base for nail polish Suitable to use on its own
Prep the nail as usual. Apply one layer of LED/UV Bonding Gel with Keratin and cure. Cleanse when you are using this product by itself or under a nail polish. When using as a base gel do not cleanse after curing, apply your gel as usual on top of the LED/UV Bonding Gel with Keratin.
Cure time: UV: 1 minute / LED: 30 seconds.