Mess Less Liquid Tape
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Mess Less Liquid Tape

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Mess-Less Liquid Nail Tape is the answer to every polish addict’s needs. Mess-Less Liquid Nail Tape creates a protective barrier for your cuticles when polishing your nails. This is an ideal product for clients using nail art techniques that often mess on the surrounding skin e.g. water marbling, sponge technique, stamping.
Apply Mess-Less Liquid Nail Tape around your cuticle area before polishing or creating nail art and if you mess onto the surrounding skin, simply peel it off!
Polishing your nails has never been easier, even if you don’t have a steady hand! No need to be a professional to use this product, it is the ideal product for home use too!


• Perfect application - no more polish on your cuticles
• Suitable for everyone - no need for a steady hand when polishing
• No extra clean up after polishing - just peel the mess off the surrounding skin
• Ideal for nail art techniques like water marbling, sponging, stamping
• Suitable for use with nail polish and soak off products
• This product contains latex


Prior to polishing nails, apply a generous amount on the skin and cuticle around the nail plate. Product is milky pink on application. Wait for it to dry. It then becomes transparent pink. Apply polish. Peel off Less-Mess Liquid Nail Tape.
A perfectly clean, crisp application.