Jacky M Lotion Application Brush
Jacky M Lotion Application Brush
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Jacky M Lotion Application Brush

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JACKY M. Lotion Application Brush has the perfect shape to apply the JACKY M. Perming
reach all hairs quickly. This gives a complete coverage.


  • Easy to hold
  • Slanted shape for better access and complete coverage
  • Soft hairs
  • Easy to clean

Make sure the JACKY M. Ring is filled with the necessary lotion. Due to hygienic reasons we work from the Ring and not from the jar. Place a small amount of Lotion onto the JACKY M. Lotion Application Brush and apply it onto the lashes. Start at the edge of the lashes, and apply this in a straight line and spread it upwards to 2/3 of the lash. Do not spread any Lash Lifting Lotion, such as Perming Lotion #1 or Lifting Lotion #2 onto the edges of the lashes, to avoid splitting ends. Repeat this until all the lashes are coated with the necessary lotion.