Gel Starter Kit
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Gel Starter Kit

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All necessary gel products in one! The Starter Kit Gel from
NailPerfect makes it easy for any nail technician to start
working with the NailPerfect gel without investing a huge
amount of money. With the NailPerfect Gel you will get the
strength of acrylics with the clear look of gels. Sculpting
Gel wears naturally on nails and is ideal for tip overlays and
sculpting. They are odor-free and have a permanent high
gloss shine.
Content: Sculpting Gel Crystal 7 g, Sculpting Gel Soft Pink 7
g, Sculpting Gel White 7 g, Bonding Gel 15 ml, No-Cleanse
Top Seal 15 ml, Blue Scrub 60 ml, UV Cleanser 100 ml, 20
Forms, 20 Salon Perfection Tips, 20 French White Tips, Glue
3 g, Gel Brush Transparent White, Pro Pusher, Tip Cutter
Silver, 2 Halfmoon File 100/180, 2 Halfmoon File 150/150, 10
Gel Sponges, 20 Nail Wipes, Step by step instructions.


  • Contains every necessary product
  • Easy to start
  • No large investment
  • NailPerfect Gel
  • Light Activated UV Gel, thick viscosity makes
  • sculpting with a form possible
  • No odor
  • Permanently shiny and non-yellowing
  • The best UV gel for strength – 3 coats of
  • Crystal Gel = 1 coat of Sculpting Gel
  • Self-leveling making application easy
  • Use to make two-tone nail enhancements
  • (pink and white, clear and white etc.)

Use over tips or for sculpting with a form, for a highly durable and strong nail. Using the NailPerfect Gel Brush
apply a thin layer of NailPerfect Sculpting Gel Crystal to the nail surface, capping the entire free edge by lightly
brushing the product along the sides and end of the free edge. Do not cure. Build the nails with the desired
NailPerfect Sculpting Gel colors.
Cure time: 3 minutes.