Foil Design Gel
Foil Design Gel
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Foil Design Gel

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Looking for a gel to help you achieve that “Liquid Gold”

The Foil Design Gel from NailPerfect is the answer.

This unique black gel has much to offer. Not only is it highly
pigmented and can be used alongside your traditional color
gels, but it has a dual function as a transfer gel for transfer

The Foil Design Gel creates the perfect tacky layer for
your transfer foils to adhere to, allowing you endless
opportunities for foil design. The Foil Design Gel may
be used for larger surfaces such as the smile line, or
alternatively for intricate designs requiring the foil finish.
Excellent adhesion for transfer foil 

Black color
Color does not fade, dull, wear or chip
Beautiful nails for at least two weeks
The perfect addition to any color gel range
Perfect for nail designs
Perfect for both fingers and toes
No odor
Easy one-coat application
Moderate viscosity light activated gel – same as
clear gel
Cures on demand in LED and UV light – no wait
for polish to dry
Use on natural nails, gels and acrylics
Self-leveling, making application easy
Easy to remove
NailPerfect Foil Design Gel can be used over any artificial and natural nail surface.
Use with Transfer Foil:
Ensure that you are working on a surface that has no tacky layer, rather a buffed or filed surface. Using the Foil
Design Gel create your design. Cure in 36 watt UV light for 1 minute. Cut a piece of transfer foil and press the foil
onto the cured design and remove. Seal with NailPerfect No Cleanse Top Seal or NailPerfect Soak Off Top Gel.
Always use a different piece of the foil. Never reuse the same piece that has just been transferred.
Every UV light works differently. Prior to using the Foil Design Gel on a client, test the timing of your UV light
on a tip and see exactly how long you need to cure your gel for to ensure you have optimal adhesion of the
transfer foil. 1 minute in a 36 watt UV light is a guideline.
Use as a Color Gel:
Apply as usual. Cure time: LED: 30 seconds – UV: 2-3 minutes
On Natural Nails (full cover foil design or color gel)
Apply a thin coat of NailPerfect Crystal Gel first as your base. Cure, but do not cleanse. Apply thin coat(s) of Foil
Design Gel and cure.
On Artificial Gel Nails (full cover or partial foil design or color gel)
Artificial gel nails have to be filed (no need to buff). Then apply thin coat(s) of Foil Design Gel and cure.