Dolphin LED Lamp - Black
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Dolphin LED Lamp - Black

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Product Description
This compact 1-finger Dolphin LED Light works 4 times faster than the common UV Light. The powerful LED-light (5 Watt) ensures a full & even cure. Because of the small size it is ideal for demonstrations, and as retail product for home use. The lamp is removable for hand-held use, which makes this Dolphin LED Light perfect for curing toenails

Comes with USB and european USB charger (easily swapped over to Aust USB charger)

Be aware that not every gel is curable in a LED Light.

Features and Benefits
• Compact and stylish design
• Built-in timer of 30 seconds
• Timesaver
• Removable lamp – easy positioning
• Dimensions light (b x l x h): 7 x 15 x 6 cm
• 5 Watt
• To use with adapter
• 110~220 Volts
• Wave length: 400 nm - 410 nm
• Peak wave length: 405 nm
• Very low power consumption
• Six months warranty
• Available in white and black

Place the light on a flat surface. Plug the adapter into the lamp and then in a socket. Apply the product on the nail and place the finger in the middle of the light chamber. Push slightly on the button on top of the lamp to switch the light on. The Dolphin LED Light switches off automatically after 30 seconds

Ideal for when attending training classes due to small size of this lamp.