Bonding Gel
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Bonding Gel

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Nail Perfect Premium Bonding Gel is a non-acid primer with a strong grip that does not etch or damage the natural nail. It is chemically “matched” to all Nail Perfect Premium UV gels for greater adhesion. It works like “suction cups” to hold UV gels onto nail plate and prevents lifting of UV gels.

For optimal adhesion use with Nail Perfect Premium Crystal Gel and Sculpting Gels. After thoroughly prepping nails with Blue Scrub apply sparingly to all ten nails. Blot with a gel sponge to remove excess.
Bonding Gel should have a dull grainy appearance after curing.

Cure Time: 1 minute (3 minutes for problem lifters).
- Hypo-allergenic formula
- Light activated gel promotes adhesion of other UV gels to the natural nail.
- Non-acid formula does not etch or damage the natural nail.
- For use with all Nail Perfect Premium Gels (chemically “matched”)
- Prevents lifting of UV gels.
- Easy brush on application.
- No odor.