#153 - Jade
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#153 - Jade

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Everyone is talking about the ‘Ice Queen’. They call her ‘Jade’ because she has a glow over herself like the Jade Stones. They tell stories about her unique ‘Blue Lips’ that have a ‘Marble Hue’ on it, stories about her ice cold character. But sometimes, she shows a little smile. Because also a Queen who seems as cold as Ice, has a ‘Sweet Side’.

NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polish is durable as pure gel and easy as applying nail polish. Have gorgeous nails that last 2 and up to 6 weeks. NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polish is easy to apply, without chipping, peeling or wearing. It cures in 2 minutes in a UV Light (4x 9 Watt) or in just 30 seconds in LED Light. It’s easy to remove – simply soak it off in just 10 minutes.

Features and Benefits

  • Pure Gel
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Ideal for natural nails and artificial nails (gels and acrylics)
  • Also ideal for toe nails (stays beautiful up to six weeks)
  • Easy application – applies like a polish
  • Delightful long lasting semi-permanent colors
  • Lasts for at least 2 till maximum 6 weeks
  • Permanently shiny and non-yellowing
  • Color does not fade, dull, wear or chip
  • No damage to natural nails
  • Great for mixing and customizing colors
  • Use instead of nail polish
  • No wait for polish to dry
  • Cures in 2 minutes in a 4x 9 Watt UV Light or in 30 seconds in a LED Light
  • Easy to remove in 10 minutes in combination with NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Remover and Foil Wraps