Nail Perfect has educators in most states. 

We have educators in Qld, SA, Vic and NSW.

We offer a range of classes from beginners (foundation), to upskilling to small classes tailored to suit your needs.

Our foundation classes can be either acrylic, hard gel, gel polish/mani&pedi. These courses are designed to get you salon ready and able to produce great nails from the get go.

Upskilling you can choose E-file, fundamentals (back to basics with nail perfect), conversion classes.

Small classes can be tailored to suit your requirements. Generally up to 4 hours to refine your skill set. This is aimed at those who only need a small amount of upskilling in the industry.

Our educators are as follows 

Julie Golley - South Australia - All Round Educator 

April Daw - South Australia - Expert Educator

Tita Turner - Melbourne - Expert Educator 

Elisa Tropea - Melbourne- All Round Educator 

Claire Morton - Queensland - All Round Educator

Kerryl Schwartz - Queensland - All Round Educator