Magical Gold Serum- 15ml
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Magical Gold Serum- 15ml

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Today is the perfect day to give your nails a new start! Slack nails, split nails or damaged nails? With this kit you have everything you need to give your nails a boost and make them strong. By applying these products consistently step by step you will notice results within 8 days.


  1. Restores and strengthens the natural nail from the inside out
  2. Result within 8 days
  3. Has a nourishing and hydrating effect on nails and skin
  4. Softens the cuticles
  5. Rich in natural protein Rich in vitamin E en B5
  6. Healing effect Suitable for daily use All-in-One repair kit


Magical Gold Serum contains vitamin B5 and gold flakes and absorbs quickly into the skin. The serum rejuvenates, moisturizes and revitalizes the nail and surrounding skin. Magical Gold Serum is the perfect solution for dry nails and cuticles.