What I have done for Nail Techs and Beauty Therapists during Covid

This is my personal story about how helping fellow Nail Technicians and Beauty Therapists keep their businesses running smoothly during the last Covid Shutdown.


As all nail technicians and beauty therapists were effectively closed for a considerable amount of time, they needed to come up with inventive ways to maintain their income levels and connection to their existing clientele. 💅


What I was able to supply them with was items they could easily sell to their clients, but more importantly they were items that the clients needed to maintain their routines whilst the salons were closed. 👌👍


These items ranged from Soak Off kits, manicure kits, Derma Rollers, Jade Rollers plus more. All of the therapists and technicians were able to incorporate a lot of these items into skin care kits for their clients or as a single retail item that their clients could use with their existing routines and nail techs could encourage their clients to look after their nail health. By providing this opportunity for their clients to take care of themselves, it helped to build up a relationship that continued to grow once the lockdown was over.


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