Moving Forward after Covid-19

This original blog was supposed to be about hopes and dreams for 2020, that went right out the window when covid-19 reared its head.

Since Covid-19 has probably put most peoples immediate goals on hold for the time being, I was wondering what your goals were post covid-19 when we can re-open. Do you have any? Are you just sorting yours out? or are you going to wing it?

I know its been really rough having to close for quite some time and it has adversely affected all of you in one way or another. Having said that, I am hoping that you have set some goals for the remainder of the year rather than just concentrating on getting open again when you are allowed to. Remember each state in Australia has different time lines so it will be different for everyone.

I for one am winding back my salon to concentrate more on the distribution business as I feel that where I want my future to be. I have started my certificate 4 in training and assessment as that has been one of my goals to get done this year. Wish me luck !!!!

In one way this forced closure has made us re assess what we do moving forward. Do we want to continue as we were, do we need to take extra precautions, do we need to have plans in place or restrict clients etc. These are all valid things to consider when we are able to re open our little salons.

I for one will only be taking my regular clients and not having appointments available for tourists at this stage, but that may change as more information comes to light. I would rather be safe than sorry for the immediate start dates.

Anyway I hope this blog has given you something to think about and to plan for when you re open your salons.





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