Random thoughts on why we do what we do

As nail technicians, we are often under valued and under appreciated but that does not stop us from following our passion.

I must admit when I trained to get my nail technician certification, I was already a qualified beauty therapist and really only trained to up my skill set to make me more employable. Having said that, I have found a comraderie with a group of women (and men) in this industry that far surpasses anything that I have had working in other industries.

I wonder why that is?

Could it be we are drawn together as likeminded people who just love what they do? or could it be that we have a bond that other don't necessarily share? or is there something else that creates those bonds of friendship?

I'm not sure I will really know what makes nail technicians as a whole tick.... it is fun trying to figure it out though. All I know is that the women and men that I interact with regularly are really solid and dependable people. These are the ones that I can talk to about anything nail related and sometimes things that are not nail related.

I do consider myself extremely lucky with the relationships I have built in this industry as we all know that it can be a bit much at times. 

I guess the point behind this blog is for you to and me to take note of those lasting friendships that we have built up in this industry and to just keep forging ahead, especially at this time when things are not so settled.

Keep being your fabulous self xxx



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