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Hello everyone

Just putting this blog post together to talk about my ebooks a little bit.

I originally wrote these books as a way for nail techs to get information thats relevent to us in our specific industry. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that they would become so popular and useful.

From speaking to quite a few of you over the last week, it has become quite clear that there is a lot of misinformation out there in our industry. I dont put any blame on this it just is. By putting myself out there to talk about some of these things, its become a very powerful and useful tool for you to all have. I found it has allowed conversations to flow about concerns some of you have that affect you directly.

My hope for you all is to either use these books as information and be able to forward that knowledge on to other nail techs or your own clients to educate and inform them on whats happening in the industry.

I will be putting out regular newsletters for all of you that got either one or all of the books on various subjects that crop up now and again as a way of getting that relevent information out to you all.

Thank you to all the lovely girls I have spoken to, it has been an honour to chat to you about the things that concern you and I hope that I have helped in some small way.

Anyway thats enough of my rambling for now, talk to you soon in my new newsletters.

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