Hema vs Di Hema in nail products

Are you confused about the difference between Hema and Di-hema? If that's you then you are not alone. There is a lot of confusion at the moment regarding Hema and Di-Hema chemicals used in our nail products.

They are two very different chemicals as you will see in the blog post.

Hema looks like this

Image result for hema molecule image

It is actually known by a few different names as well:Hydroxyethylmethacrylate, Hema, 2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate.

These are easily found on your MSDS and should be listed as an ingredient on your bottle or packaging. It is a requirement of labeling laws in Australia to have all ingredients listed on the bottle or if they come boxed then on the box or packaging a product is sold in.

Di-Hema looks like this

Image result for di-hema molecule image

otherwise known as Di-Hema or Di-HEMA Trimethylhexyldicarbamat. Again this ingredient should be listed on your INCI or MSDS that you hold in your salon and on any labels of packaging of products received.

The difference between the two are massive, as you can see they are very different chemical compositions and according to research whilst Hema is the number one allergen product in nail products there is no evidence to suggest the same for Di-hema.

Please ensure you check all your gel polish bottles, MSDS or INCI sheets as this seems to be a recurring problem with people not really understanding that there is a difference and what that could look like. 

Even if a product only has a small amount of Hema in it, it is not technically hema free especially for someone with an allergy to that product. Its like saying to someone with a nut allergy...oh it only has a trace amount of nuts in it so its technically nut free....no that is not the case at all for those people that have allergies..

Anyhoo thats it from me until next time.






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  • Yvonne Paterson on

    Hi Julie, thanks so much for explaining the difference, I’ve developed contact dermatitis but because of the current situation with COVID my gp Wong send me for tests. My fingers are so sore & swollen I could cry. I’ve only been doing nails 2 years. I’m a late starter lol. But loving it. Until this happened. I’m trying to eliminate what could be causing it myself.

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