Are We Taking Care Of Ourselves

As nail techs we tend to take our bodies for granted and put the hours in necessary to get our careers going. we look after ourselves enough. I am writing this blog whilst suffering from tendonitis, It's pretty darn painful I can tell you. It does subside and then flare up but at the moment it is manageable.

This made me wonder about how often we take our bodies aches and pains seriously. You know that ache in our lower back, stiff neck that hurts by the end of the day, sore knees or feet from standing and aching arms from constant movement.

i know I get massages regularly to help combat my lower back pain and physio every now and then to help manage the pain, but is it enough. I feel like I have shut the gate after the horse has bolted though.

Maybe some preventative strategies would be better put in place before we start hurting. I'm thinking that a visit to a massage therapist, physio, osteopath or basically any practitioner that can help come up with a preventative plan would be a great investment in your future career.

Anyhow that's my thoughts for this blog.

"Prevention is always better tan a cure"


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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