Anxiety and Stress for Nail Techs

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This is a pretty specific topic to discuss and quite a big one too but it is one I think needs to be talked about more.

Anxiety/stress and the nail tech...what does this actually mean? How do you deal with and manage these things?

There is a lot of anxiety and stress within the nail industry, as there is in a lot of industries, but in particular there is a specific kind of stress pertinent to our industry as a whole.

With pressure from clients wanting cheaper services, extra bling and art for free to competing with your local non standard salon.

There are techniques you can use everyday to help cope with anxious situations. I am going to try and put a couple up here to get you thinking about what you can do for yourself on a daily basis to help with those times.

The first one I use is grounding...this can be as simple as focusing on what you can see around you. I use the one that works for me and it goes like this: find five things you can hear, then five things you can see, five things you can smell and five things you can touch. These are a good way of calming yourself down when feeling overwhelmed. I actually do this when I need to go for a walk, I try and walk purposefully heel to toe whilst doing this helps immediately.

The second thing I do when I am feeling anxious abouts a situation is to think of this...worst case, best case, most likely. What this does is brings your fear out into the open (worst case) then the best outcome you can think of (best case) then what is likely to happen (most likely), I find this exercise really helps when I am feeling extremely overwhelmed about something.

The third thing I try to do is simply to breathe..yes thats right, just breathe. Take ten slow breaths. Focus your attention fully on each breath, on the way in and on the way out. Say the number of the breath to yourself as you exhale.

And lastly just a piece of advice I think about often, anxiety and stress is a part of everyday life. Its how we choose to deal with or cope with that gets us through. These three exercises are just some that I use in my own everyday life and that work for me. There are heaps of others available.


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